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Marketing Consultancy In Malaysia

Having an exceptional product or service doesn’t always mean immediate success in the market. Your products or services can be innovative and solve a major consumer issue, but without a proper marketing strategy, it can go unnoticed. In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with new products and novel offerings, how do you position your brand above the rest? What approaches do you take to ensure you have an effective to-market strategy? This is where we come in.

Being the architect of several successful marketing campaigns, our years of experience and industry knowledge come in handy when you’re looking for effective marketing strategies that fit your business goals. Just like no two businesses are exactly alike, your marketing strategies will be unique to your business and your business only!

Marketing Consultancy Service

Our all-encompassing marketing consultancy services focus on curating a marketing strategy that meets your marketing objectives and fits your overall business goals. From identification to overall marketing strategy, we are going to be there with you every step of the way.

Product / Services Identification

Classifying your product/service identity is important prior to formulating a marketing strategy. We help businesses identify what makes their brand unique, what are their niches, how to connect with their target audience, etc.

Market & Competitive Analysis

Knowing your business’ target audience is important. Being able to identify and understand your audiences can help your business better serve these potential customers. Equally, knowing what your competitors are actively doing can also be very beneficial for strategizing a plan.

Marketing Plan

So, you know who your target audiences are. But where and how do you reach them? The options for online platforms are vast, but utilizing all of them simultaneously can be a hefty ask that most businesses would struggle to maintain. Part of having a robust marketing plan includes a budget estimation and an action plan to utilize that budget to its maximum efficiency. We help you achieve that by informing you the most suitable platform and marketing campaigns for your business.

Goals, Budgeting and Timeline

No marketing strategy is complete without a goal, budget and a timeline. Setting realistic and achievable goals, and allocating budgets for each action are as important as any precluding step. And finally, a timeline for evaluation is also needed to measure performance and progress.

Supplementary Actions

Just because you have a good marketing strategy and your digital marketing campaigns are in operation, doesn’t mean that the job is done. Far from it, most businesses tend to forget about what comes after running a digital marketing campaign – Dealing with sales inquiries. Are you confident that your business is ready to cope with the influx of inquiries and sales? Our marketing consultancy doesn’t just stop at formulating your marketing strategy, we also provide advisories on business operations as well as business scenario forecasts, with reference to your digital marketing campaigns. This way your business can grow and be maintained in a sustainable way.


Best Service Ever!
Best Service Ever!KL Chan, CEO, VMG Work
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Adsometrix’s team has done a great job for us. Since they took over, they have increased our followers and generated quality leads for our business. What I love about them is that they are just a startup, yet their team possess the type of professionalism you’d expect from a mature, established MNC. Highly recommend to engage them if you want a good digital marketing partner to work with.
Excellent! A High Recommendation
Excellent! A High RecommendationWing Soo, Co-founder, Avanguardia
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Communication with the Adsometrix team is always smooth. We have worked with them across multiple projects. They give great inputs not just on a marketing standpoint but also on our organization as a whole to facilitate digital marketing processes they are proposing.
Would Definitely Recommend Adsometrix!
Would Definitely Recommend Adsometrix!Joshua Chin, Marketing Manager, Daybreak Coffee
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It is a pleasure to work with Derek & Adrian. Although we are new to digital marketing, they were very helpful and gave us a lot of advice that we can implement in our strategy. At every step of the way their inputs were valuable. Highly recommended partner to work with.


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